Immingham, the site of our first waste-to-fuels plant

Subject to funding and once fully operational, this plant will take over 500,000 tonnes per year of household and office waste (including hard-to-recycle plastics), left over after recycling and destined for landfill or incineration, and convert them into over 60 million litres of cleaner burning sustainable jet and road fuel each year. This will lead to an estimated net CO2 saving of over 80,000 tonnes per year.

It will also bring hundreds of jobs to the area during construction, and approximately 100 jobs during long-term operation.

Altalto Immingham: a visualisation of the proposed site and key process steps.


Aerial views of the Altalto Immingham site.

Why Immingham?

Immingham is in the UK’s Energy Estuary, with a skilled local workforce, good infrastructure and a range of similar facilities nearby.

The site is called Portlink 180 which consists of approximately 80 acres of land located on Hobson Way, between Immingham and Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. Altalto secured this preferred site for our first plant in December 2018.

The site itself is currently vacant land and is surrounded by existing industrial buildings and land uses; as such its impact on local residents will be minimal. It is situated in the Humber Enterprise Zone on the banks of the Humber Estuary and is earmarked for industrial development within the North East Lincolnshire Council’s Local Plan.

We believe that the site and the broader area are the perfect location for this type of facility. Immingham and the surrounding “Energy Estuary” is renowned for fuels production expertise and has a skilled local workforce that we believe can help deliver this project.

Local benefits

The project will bring hundreds of jobs to the area and support further development of the Energy Estuary.

Alongside the noted environmental benefits, the development will bring significant investment, create jobs during construction and through the ongoing operation of the plant.

It will also help establish North East Lincolnshire as an international hub in what could be a global market for renewable fuels.

  • Hundreds of millions of pounds of investment into North East Lincolnshire
  • During construction, the plant is expected to create many hundreds of jobs
  • Create over 100 direct full time jobs
  • Wider supply chain benefits to local contractors and service providers
  • Significant financial contributions to preserve the habitat for local birds and wildlife

It takes several years to bring a project like this to fruition, through planning, financing, construction and commissioning.

In June 2020, North East Lincolnshire Council formally granted planning permission. The application (reference DM/0664/19/FUL) can be viewed on the Council’s planning website: