UK Government Jet Zero Strategy

19 Jul 2022

Velocys is pleased to see the UK Government setting out its Jet Zero Strategy, which outlines an ambition for a minimum of five commercial-scale SAF plants to be under construction in the UK by 2025. Also included is a mandate for at least 10% SAF to be blended into conventional aviation fuel by 2030, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As noted in the strategy, the Government has pledged to further work with industry to create the long-term conditions for investable projects in the UK. In order to develop a UK SAF industry and to meet the Government’s targets, Velocys believes additional investment support is vital to rapidly develop the UK SAF industry.

As a member of the Jet Zero Council (above), Velocys looks forward to working closely with the UK Government on its mission to deliver net zero aviation by 2050.

For the Jet Zero Strategy click here.